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Success Guaranteed or Your Old Life Back! 

Sharing the power of perseverance.

Taken from one of Greg’s Best selling releases, Reid has shared the power of perseverance on stages from the Pentagon to Harvard from the Playboy Mansion to the United Nations, sharing one simple truth, “You never fail unless you quit.”

‘Keep digging, you could literally just be – Three Feet From Gold’

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Greg speaks well over 50 times a year and has shared the stage with Everyone from Richard Branson, to Buzz Aldrin.

Included by as one of 10 Top Speakers along with other business visionaries including the founders of Make A Wish, UGG Boots and Pictionary.

Knowledge From Visionaries Across The Globe.


Greg has met with and interviewed everyone from Dr. Frank Shankwitz the Founder of Make A Wish, to Steve Wozniak the Mind behind Apple, from Astronaut Buzz Aldrin to Her Royal Highness Katherine, Crown Princess of Serbia.

His Keynote presentations share these discoveries in a way that will make you want to stand up and cheer.

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Greg S. Reid Presents at the United Nations Headquarters for the 2016 Novus Summit

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