More than a Keynote Speaker….

Known as the ‘millionaire mentor’, a badge of honor bestowed upon him from the inner city kids, he has mentored in his beginnings. Greg’s experiences and connections have placed him in a unique position as a keynote speaker with the ability to positively connect, impact and influence all types of people.

You cannot have million dollar dreams and a minimum wage work ethic. – Greg S. Reid

Recently Greg was written up in, here is his excerpt.

4) Greg S. Reid speaks on the Power of Perseverance ( Greg speaks approximately 50 times a year. “Last year I spoke in locations ranging from from Harvard to the Pentagon,” he said. “We [he is also a business consultant, an author, and co-owner with wife Allyn Reid of the Secret Knock event and business collaboration community] generate all of our client base from in-person speaking engagements. It’s an awesome two-way street. People get to see me in my element before doing business, and I get to meet perspective alliance partners in situations where they are comfortable in their own space.”

Also worth noting is that Reid is one of the most connected executives anywhere and is notoriously working hard and on duty at fairly all hours of the day. One of my favorite recent Greg S. Reid statements: “You cannot have million dollar dreams and a minimum wage work ethic.”

Greg S. Reid has the Honor of sharing this article with
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