Knowing the difference could be the difference between your launch’s failure and success.

The biggest Question I get asked, “Why do Entrepreneurs fail with they launch?” Here’s the answer.  Successful People seek Counsel, where the failures listen to opinion. What’s the Difference? Opinion is usually based on ignorance, lack of knowledge, inexperience, like talking to a family or friend who has never done it before. Whereas Counsel is based on mentorship, knowledge, people who have already paved the way.

For Example, if I wanted to write a brand new book and went to a family or friend and say I am going to write one, they might say, “You can’t do that, you got a D in English“. Well that’s their opinion. If I go to Mark Victor Hansen who wrote “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and sold 100,000,000 book and I say, “Hey I want to write one too.” He would say “Great, before you get started here is what you’ll need to know.” and give me Counsel based Wisdom, Knowledge, Mentorship and Experience.

The Day we would only start seeking Counsel and we ignore peoples opinions that’s the day your life would change.