A Top 5 Speaker by Entrepreneur.com

Jan 9, 2017 | online-magazine

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Entrepreneur.com named Greg S. Reid, Keynote Speaker one of “The 10 Best Entrepreneurial Speakers for Taking Your Event to the Next Level

“Dynamic speakers who are worth your time and attention”

The loneliness of the entrepreneurial journey is well-known to all who are on the path, which is likely why entrepreneurs enjoy gathing to share experiences and take inspiration from each other. At the heart of the most memorable and energizing conferences is a dynamic keynote speaker who offers both an example to aspire to and a message that is entirely relatable.

Signing up any of these 10 speakers is certain to make your event a success. If you have the chance to gather with other entrepreneurs to hear them speak, drop what you are doing and go listen.

5. Greg Reid, Entrepreneur and CEO of several successful corporations

Greg S. Reid is an entrepreneur, and the CEO of several successful corporations. His other projects include The Millionaire Mentor, Positive Impact, Three Feet from Gold and Napoleon Hill’s Road to Riches. Considered to be the modern voice of inspiration, Greg is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the corporate arena, sharing proven strategies of turning obstacles into opportunities.

Greg S. Reid Keynote Speaker 2017 City Gala Blue suit
Notable quote: “When you do what you love and love what you do, you’ll have success your whole life through.”