Stickability: The Power of Perseverance

is a thought provoking book that shows readers of all ages and backgrounds how they, too, can not only apply the self-motivation principles of Napoleon Hill’s timeless and groundbreaking self-help volume Think and Grow Rich, but make them stick. Combining author Greg S. Reid’s modern business wisdom; interviews with numerous business celebrities, such as Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple), Frank Shankwitz (founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation), and Martin Cooper (inventor of the cell phone); and valuable information from the secret files previously available only to the Napoleon Hill Foundation and its members, this book reveals:

  • The “Three Causes of Failure” from Napoleon Hill’s hidden vault of wisdom
  • The importance of flexibility
  • The principle of relaxed intensity in action
  • How to define and conquer your “cul-de-sac” moments
  • How to overcome the ghost of fear
  • The importance of insight through necessity

And so much more!

image bookcover Stickabilty author and keynote speaker Greg S .Reid

About the Author

Greg S. Reid is a Keynote Speaker, a #1 best-selling author, entrepreneur and the CEO of several successful companies.  Considered as a modern voice of inspiration, Greg is one of the most sought after keynote speakers in the corporate arena, universities and charitable organizations alike, sharing strategies of turning obstacles into opportunities..

Greg S. Reid is self-made millionaire has more than 20 years experience in sales and marketing. He mentors youth in the San Diego area on positive thinking and achieving their dreams. He has dedicated his life to helping others achieve the ultimate fulfillment in life by finding and living a life of purpose. 

Published in over 50 books and featured on nationally syndicated programs across the country, Greg is the creator and producer on the internationally acclaimed films, Pass It On, Stickability and Three Feet from Gold. 

Greg currently resides in San Diego, California.

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This book reminds us that with a Positive Mental Attitude, all things are possible.

Jim Oleson

President of The Napoleon Hill Foundation

Every patriotic, free-enterprising American must read, absorb, and use this timely wisdom. Mark Victor Hansen

co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

Stickability is an inspiring read, and I recommend it highly. Dave Liniger

cofounder of RE/MAX

This book (Stickability) is worth it’s weight in Gold. Richard Cohn

cofounder of Beyond Words, publisher of The Secret

Another great release from the Napoleon Hill Foundation—outstanding!

Mike Helton

president of NASCAR

A fantastic read.

Lou Ferrigno

1980's TV Series Star "The Incredible Hulk"


The latest offering from the Napoleon Hill juggernaut focuses on old-fashioned determination as a path to success. Hailed in the introduction as arguably the founder of the modern-day success movement, Hill’s empire has encouraged readers for years through the Think and Grow Rich series.

In this highly branded and deliberately quotable book, authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, filmmaker and motivational speaker Reid argues that although success is difficult to achieve, fortune favors the bold, and success comes to those who find ways to power through hard times. Reid breaks down the Three Causes of Failure: inability to get along with other people; quitting when the going gets tough; and procrastination.

He stresses the need to be flexible and forward-thinking in tough times. Case studies include the famous (J.K. Rowling, the stranded Chilean miners, Steve Jobs) and the obscure (such as Anousheh Ansari, an immigrant who became the first astronaut of Iranian descent). Fans of Hill’s model will find inspiration in the exhortations to fight entropy, overcome fear, have faith, and innovate; others may view the painfully stilted writing and flagrant sales pitches for other books in the series as tiresome.


This crisply written book full of admonishment and encouragement is presented under the auspices of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, which means it coincides with the principles of success first espoused by Napoleon Hill in his seminal self-help book, Think and Grow Rich (1937).

Reid, a businessman and motivational speaker, bases this book on not only his own wisdom about the success he has gained from his business experiences but also on interviews with individuals who represent business success stories—in other words, men and women who refused to submit to defeat.

The heart of the book’s message is called stickability—basically, having the capacity to not turn away from difficult conditions. Reid’s program is launched from Napoleon Hill’s three causes of failure: the inability to get along with other people, quitting, and procrastination.

Reid’s explanation of the components of stickability, which include maintaining flexibility, overcoming fear, and acting on a desire more than just a wish, are carefully articulated to apply to any reader’s personal circumstances, so that all people can learn to develop the habits and practices that will move them beyond . . . limitations. –Brad Hooper